Our story is a success story that moves forward step by step without losing faith in a reality where the dreams of most of us do not meet with their lives.

While creating our current sector from scratch, by presenting personalized digital printing organically; Our first goal was to produce healthy, high quality and customized products. We continue to exist and grow with our design and production team, which is still the leading trend in the sector, and our sustainable and always innovative structure.

In this process, we established the TEKSTIL BASKI ATOLYESI (TBA), our production company, in order to keep the control of the quality of our production and to improve it unconditionally. In addition to our own products, we also make contract manufacturing and we strive to keep the quality in the sector at a certain level.

In our custom sewing workshop, we serve with a disciplined, strong and expert team.

Seeing that we have a huge family, with the joy and excitement of touching and shaping your happiest memories, turns into an invaluable source of motivation. With this enthusiasm, we continue to renew ourselves, improve and develop the sector.

Stay with love,

Tuğba Kuğu